Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

Sunday 13. of February 2011

CardioPro Infiniti is a specialized off-line analysis module which brings advanced heart rate variability (HRV) analysis capabilities to the BioGraph Infiniti platform. It complements any physiological biofeedback suite (such as...[more]

ProComp Infiniti™

Thursday 03. of February 2011

This eight-channel, multi-modality encoder that has all the power and flexibility you need for real-time, computerized biofeedback and data acquisition in any clinical setting. [more]


Sunday 13. of February 2011

FIELDS OF APPLICATION * Sports medicine * Cardiology * Hospital - Emergency unit * Hospital - Critical care unit * Veterinary medicine * Control of HIV therapy * Fitness area[more]

Heart rate analysis

Sunday 13. of February 2011

The PSM Research system integrates patented Smart Fabric sensor technology into a chest strap that is comfortable and unobtrusive. It captures comprehensive physiological data on the wearer, eliminating the need for multiple...[more]

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