Friday 18. of February 2011

Digital Grip Dynamometer

Grips D is designed to examine the static flexor power of each forearm, and can display
the maximum measured values of the static flexor power for Left and right forearms, so
that the processes required after measurement have been simplified


1. Measuring range: 5.0 to 100 kgf
2. Minimum measurement unit: 0.1 kgf
3. Accuracy: ±2.0 kgf
4. Display: LCD in 3 digits
5. Items displayed: Each measured value and the average
6. Automatic stop: Approx. I min after the final measurement
7. Power source: Dry battery (SUM -4) ×2
8. Life of each cell: Approx. 100 hr
9. Service temperature range: 5°C to 35°C
10. Dimensions: Approx. 154(W) × 235(D) × 62(H) mm
11. Weight: Approx. 0.63kg