Wednesday 23. of February 2011

Programmable Treadmill

The new Daum ergo_run Premium 8 Treadmill stands for a first-class training experience and quality and technology
without compromises. The integrated design approach shows technical know-how. The Daum ergo_run Premium 8
Treadmill really gets you going, whether you train ambitiously or easy-going is your decision. Experience the
impressive power with easy operation and enjoy the wide range between active walking and dynamic running. And
with Daum you can always count on the known perfection and the numerous and versatile training programs.


• Technical Data:
o Motor: 3hp Continuous Duty,
o Running Surface: 150 x 50 cm
o Running Belt: two-ply,Speed: 0.2 - 22 km/h (adjustable in increments of 0.1 km/h )
o Inclination: -2 - 15 % (adjustable in 0.5 % increments)
• Console:
o Display: time, distance, speed, inclination, pace, calories, pulse
o Display of course profiles with LCD
o Training programs: 180
o 7 direct selection buttons for speed
• features:
o Heart Rate Measurement: Chest Strap (opt.)
o Chest strap for telemetric heart rate measurement (available as accessory)
o Incl. PC interface
o Extras: transport wheels
• Premium console with a large color flatscreen
• more than 100 professional training sequences for optimal training results
• including watt, pulse, distance and speed training all existing training programs can be connected to each other for
complete training sequences
• heart rate interval training
• technology relax function
• you can create as many of your own training programs as you like
• group training with centralized monitoring possibilities
• competition mode over the internet or local network
• display of heart rate variability and derivation of individual training parameters
• individual adjustment of training limits in order to avoid overexhaustion
• training data comparison to determine training progress
• multifunctional ergo_memo chip-card to save training data, console settings and training programs
• recording of all training data on the memory card every few seconds
• integrated chip card reader (128MB SD card included in delivery)
• USB-compatibility for future applications
• software updat possible with the card or over the internet
• integrated JPEG format for viewing pictures and MP3 audio format
• stereo playback with internal or external loudspeakers or headphones
• concise menu system with window design and integrated help system
• manual height adjustment
• water bottle holder and towel rack
• conforms with standards DIN EN 957-1 and DIN EN 957-6