Digital Handheld Muscle Tester. The wireless microFET2 is a dynamometer that fits in the palm of your hand – a Palm Gauge. A variety of attachments ensures proper muscle isolation for increased testing validity.

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Muscle Testing Dynamometer and Range of Motion Inclinometer. The wireless microFET3 is a dynamometer and inclinometer in one device. This gauge can perform two evaluations when diagnosing and treating muscular disorders.

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Hand Grip & Finger Pinch Dynamometer. The wireless microFET4 is a dynamometer that measures hand grip and finger pinch in one device. It can measure overall hand grip and individual finger strength.

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Intelligent Single Inclinometer. The wireless microFET5’s intelligence is its pre-programmed automatic calculations of spinal range of motion. It can also be used in “simple mode” for extremity range of motion testing.

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Dual or Single Range of Motion Inclinometer. The wireless microFET6 gives the clinician a choice of using a dual or single inclinometer to measure range of motion. A dual inclinometer is required by the American Medical Association (AMA) Protocol Guide but the primary unit can be used when a single inclinometer is needed.

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microFET HandGRIP

New microFET digital HandGRIP dynamometer was designed as a companion to the microFET4, for healthcare professionals who want to measure just handgrip strength forces to test and document grip strength deficits and to evaluate consistency of effort.

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